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جولای 24, 2018
جولای 31, 2018
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Mini Zone Audio

170 $

Audio Amplifier, USB/SD card Player BT Receiver


  • This sbus enabled Mini-ZA is a new Product made to provide any commercial mass projects with budget Multi room  Audio source at very affordable price that fits any project need and budget
  • The mini-ZA has built in FM radio
  • USB player
  • SD Card Reader/Player
  • Bluetooth Reciever to play any music from mobile phones or laptops
  • The mini Z-Audio also has additional 2 External Auxiliary Audio input that can be linked to any Music source with Auto detect source switch ability
  • The Mini ZA has class-D amplifier 2 channels
  • the Mini-ZA has Balanced Output to connect to any External Amplifiers or other Smart ZA Devices
  • The Zone Audio Pumps 5Watts Per channel
  • Mini Zone Audio May Pump up to 15 Watts per channel Where an additional mini AMplifier would be needed with additional power supply
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