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1Dimmer+1Relay TC Module
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S-WAVE TC Module

75 $

S-WAVE TC Module (G4s)


دانلود firmware

  • Both DIN-Rail and trail Click Mount, Bus Enabled
  • Good for Creating Wireless Cable Mesh Effect between Smart-BUS G4 Units
  • Built in 24VDC Power Supply 350mA
  • Adjustable LOS coverage Range 60-2000 Meters
  • And adjustable Frequency by Programing
  • Works for Both Wired and Wireless Points as well as Networks
  • Converts Wired G4 Devices to 2-Way Wireless Devices simultaniously
  • Accepts Pairing
  • Programing Functions wirelessly
  • Built in 4Z Dry Inputs for Sec Impuls
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