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Security/Safety Monitoring Module

135 $

Security/Safety Monitoring Module (G4)


دانلود firmware

  • SBus Enabled
  • Capable of Handling 250,000 Addressable Zones
  • Supports 8 different Divisions (Creating 8 Owner Zones inside Building)
  • Auto Arming/ Disarming function Enabled
  • Arming Modes: Away, Day, Night, Night with Visitor, Vacation schedule and Life dwelling immitation with 9 daily different schedules for Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Pumps
  • If used with Logic Automation Module, then all the following Shall be Enabled
  • Advanced 15 Lines of Defense functionality Enabled
  • Auto Bypass, restore, Day, Night Zone, Arming Delays, Macros, SMS Triggering
  • Auto Gas Shut Off Functionality
  • Auto HVAC Control In case of Fire
  • Improved logging
  • Bypass and Watchdog Functionalities
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